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GyroPalm Connect

Control Your PC and Appliances with GyroPalm Connect

GyroPalm Connect is a Windows application that connects your GyroPalm device to your computer. With GyroPalm Connect, you can wirelessly control your presentations, media player, keyboard, mouse, and other shortcuts. Additionally, you can use this app to add appliances, log data, configure settings, and upgrade the firmware of your GyroPalm device.

  • Control your media player, presentations, keyboard, games, etc
  • Control computer shortcuts, volume, monitor, screen, mouse, etc
  • Control your appliances through wireless or IoT
  • Share your control with other GyroPalm users
  • Log motion data, configure settings, upgrade firmware, etc
  • Compatible with Windows PCs including XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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GyroPalm IDE

A Tool for Developers to Experiment with GyroPalm

GyroPalm IDE is a free application for those familiar with renown code editors such as Visual Studio, Arduino Sketchbook, and Notepad++. Our editor combines the key features of these applications to offer a great experience to both beginner and expert programmers. Built-In examples allow anyone to try GyroPalm IDE without coding knowledge!

  • One-touch Upload to GyroPalm
  • IntelliSense Style Dropdown
  • Enhanced Document Map
  • C++ Based Syntax Highlighting
  • Built-In Examples
  • Built-In Serial Monitor

Program your wearable with GyroPalm IDE!

Convenient Dashboard

GyroPalm provides a convenient dashboard that allows you to configure access to your GyroPalm devices as well as sharing your control with others.

Genuine Gesture Bridging

GyroPalm is patented system that conveys your gestures to virtually any device regardless of wireless protocol. This allows you to control robots up to 3000 feet or control appliances from far away.

Flexible & Fast

The GyroPalm system is scalable and easy to use. Setting up GyroPalm to work with your appliances and computers is quick whether you're setting up a single device or several devices.

AES 256-bit SSL

Your details on your devices are encrypted with industry-grade 256-bit SSL with the use of SHA512 hashing algorithm. Your details are kept safe and only accessible to you and those you authorize.

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