GyroPalm Studio Platform

GyroPalm Studio enables developers and professionals the ability to integrate custom projects and create experiences for the GyroPalm Encore wearable.


Writing an app for a wearable often introduces many difficulties, constraints, and complications. GyroPalm Studio is a cloud-based IDE that can enhance and expedite the development cycle.

GyroPalm Studio provides developers with a minimal-configuration environment where users will be able to create and test wearable experiences within hours, not weeks to months. Developers will be able to publish and share apps with the GyroPalm community.


Users with a "GyroPalm Developer account" are able to access the GyroPalm Studio portal. Projects, also called "Apps" are firmware projects written by the developer in C++ and compiled by the cloud server. This frees up the hassle of many developers needing to maintain dependencies.

Projects are then flashed onto GyroPalm's latest wearable, GyroPalm Encore, by using a program called GyroPalm Jumpstarter. Upon first sign in, developers will be greeted with a self-guided tour which can always be revisited by going to the Help page.

Create a new project

To begin your first project, you will need to visit the My Apps page.

  1. Click on the Create New button.

  2. GyroPalm Studio will take you to a blank form. Fill out the name of your project (30 chars or less), several relevant keywords, and a project description. Everything must be filled out, but you can always change the content later.

  1. Click Save Info button when ready. You will see more options available such as the ability to upload a Project Icon and other Project Options. It is not necessary to update those for now.

  2. (Optional) If you would like to upload a project icon, you may do so. If you do not have an icon yet, you can download free icons from GyroPalm. Remember to click the Save Info button again when finished.

  1. Click the Code tab to see a bare minimum example provided for you. Although GyroPalm Studio is not Arduino and operates differently from the Arduino IDE, you may notice that the provided code may look familiar as some functions have been adapted.

  1. Write your C++ code and functions as desired. For more information about the syntax and functions, please take a look at the GyroPalm Studio Firmware documentation.

  2. Once you are done writing your code, click the Save Code button. If you accidentally click another tab without saving, the platform will automatically save the code for you. However, your code is not saved if you exit the browser without saving.

  3. If you have .h (header) files or .cpp files, you can drag-and-drop those into the Upload area in the Resources tab and click Upload to add those into your project.

  1. To compile your project, click the Output tab and click the Compile button. It may take anywhere from 30 seconds to minutes for code to compile depending on your project size.

  1. To upload on your GyroPalm Encore, ensure that GyroPalm Jumpstarter is installed and configured with your correct COM port before continuing. Refer to the Help page for details.
    You will find a button to download GyroPalm Jumpstarter there. Run the installer and start GyroPalm Jumpstarter when finished. Plug in your device and select the correct COM port. Click Save when done and close the program.

  2. Return to the Output tab of your project. Click Flash Device. A window will pop up. Check Always allow... and click Open GyroPalm Jumpstarter to continue.

  3. Select Yes when prompted Do you want to flash [Project Name] to Encore (COM1)?

Editing a project

To edit a project, go to the My Apps page. Click on on the "pencil icon" to open the Editor for that specific project.

Making changes to Info

When making edits to the Project Name, Keywords, Project Icon, and Description, please make sure you click the Save Info button to apply your changes.

When you modify any of the "switches" in Project Options, such as Default Clock, Default Sleep, Enable Project, and Publish Project, those changes are made instantaneously.

Making changes to Code

Whenever you are finished making edits to your code, please click the Save Code tab. Although clicking on another tab will automatically save your code, it cannot be guaranteed that your code will be retained should your browser crash or if you accidentally close the tab.

You can use keyboard hotkeys similar to those in Visual Studio Code. For example CTRL + S for Save, CTRL + F for Find, CTRL + C for copy, CTRL + P for paste, etc.

Making changes to Output

You can compile your code by clicking the Compile button. Only click this button once per compilation. It may take anywhere from 30 seconds to minutes for code to compile but minor changes to code tend to compile faster.

If the Flash Device button is shown but you have changed the code, you must re-compile to get the latest changes. Otherwise flashing your device anyway will retrieve the binary from the last-good compilation.

Making changes to Resources

You can drag-and-drop files into the "Upload area" to save them into your project folder. Be sure to click the Upload button. You are allow to upload images such as .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp. You are also allowed to upload .ino, .h, .c, .cpp files.

Please contact GyroPalm Support if you need permission to upload other file types.

Voice Assistant (beta)

GyroPalm Studio is the first cloud IDE platform to feature voice-based realtime recognition your commands. GyroPalm's version of the JARVIS allows you to perform hands-free interaction while you program your GyroPalm wearable device. Additionally, JARVIS reads out your on-screen notifications and can alert you audibly.

Enabling Voice Assistant

Since JARVIS is still an experimental addition, it is disabled by default. Should you decide to try it, you can enable the Voice Assistant in the Settings page under Interface Options.

JARVIS Commands

You must always say JARVIS before saying the following commands:


To see a demonstration of the commands above, see the Voice Assistant demo.